Thursday, October 3, 2013

Call Your Representatives!

From the HSLDA:

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends,
On October 9, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. in the State House, Rep. Andy Thompson will give sponsor testimony in favor of House Bill (“HB”) 237, which would repeal the Common Core and prohibit Ohio from taking any action in favor of the Common Core Standards.
HSLDA supports repeal of Common Core Standards. However, HB 237 as currently introduced is deficient because it does not sufficiently protect data privacy and gives too much power to state educational authorities to make decisions about curriculum and standards. CHEO’s legislative liaison is working with the bill sponsor to address these issues. HSLDA understands that the sponsor is open to addressing these important areas of concern.
It is important that the House Education Committee hear from you, because there are many on the committee who may not be familiar with the concerns about Common Core. We have also heard from some sources that there are legislators who are confused about the issue or simply ill-informed. Because it has been reported that the governor favors Common Core it is important for legislators to hear from you.
HSLDA is working with CHEO to support legislation that will repeal Common Core, protect educational freedom for parents, local school districts, and protect children from weak data privacy laws. Ohioans for Educational Freedom (“OEF”) is also working to support such legislation and has set up a database at their website where more information can be found and where individuals can post their interactions with members of the committee.

Action Requested

Please contact the members of the House Education Committee, particularly if the member is your representative, and give them the following messages in your own words:
“I support HB 237, which repeals Common Core Standards. Ohio has spent years preparing its own state standards; adopting untested, one-size-fits all standards and assessments, like the PARCC assessments, would nullify that progress. Better educational outcomes occur when education decision-making is closest to the student—at the local school board level and with parents. HB 237 will help return decision-making authority of what and how children learn to parents and elected local school boards. Please vote in favor of HB 237.”

The Ohioans for Educational Freedom are tracking responses from committee members. After calling you can log the response you get from the committee member on their website.
To find out who your representative is, you can visit the Ohio Legislature’s website.
To make our contacts as efficient as possible please contact the House Education Committee members based on the following:
If your last name begins with A-G please contact:
Representative Gerald Stebelton (Chairman)
(614) 466-6504
Representative Andrew Brenner (Vice Chairman)
(614) 644-6711
Representative Teresa Fedor (Ranking Minority Member)
(614) 644-6017
Representative Nickie J. Antonio
(614) 466-5921
Representative John Becker
(614) 466-8134
Representative Heather Bishoff
(614) 644-6002
If your last name begins with H-O please contact:
Representative Timothy Derickson
(614) 644-5094
Representative Denise Driehaus
(614) 466-5786
Representative Bill Hayes
(614) 466-2500
Representative Michael Henne
(614) 644-8051
Representative Matt Huffman
(614) 466-9624
Representative Stephanie Kunze
(614) 466-8012
If your last name begins with P-Z please contact:
Representative John Patterson
(614) 466-1405
Representative Kristina Roegner
(614) 466-1177
Representative Marilyn Slaby
(614) 644-5085
Representative Ryan Smith
(614) 466-1366
Representative Fred Strahorn
(614) 466-1607

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  1. Actually, the more local web link for Ohioans for Educational Freedom is here, complete with all numbers and e-mail addresses: