Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's Worse Than You Think

I attended a fellowship held by Dr. Mainous the II, the father of my pastor, Charles Mainous III. Dr. Mainous were one of the first people to fight for educational freedom for Christian schools and homeschools in the state and national levels back in 1975, a legacy that the VDP strives to honor and carry. He sat with politicians (particularly the current governor of Ohio, John Kasich, whom he presented a KJV Bible), written books, spoke at universities, and fought the IRS and won.

He preached the sermon "It's Worse Than You Think".

The United States is worse:
1. Politically
2. Economically
3. Morally
4. Educationally
5. Spiritually

He made several points, which were all interesting. He brings notice to the Chinese and Islamic encroachment of our nation, through foreign owned farms and Sharia Law. Dr. Mainous recalls prayer being taken out in public schools. He brought attention that we are indeed a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

With this call of action, we, the new generation, shall restore and revive.

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