The Valiant Defenders of Ohio is the State Chapter or Sector for Ohio of the national Valiant Defender's Party. We are composed of mostly youthful students and graduates advancing Constitutional conservative values while also having fresh, new ideas. We focus on the promotion of true Constitutional conservatism, alternative education (homeschooling and private and Christian schooling), small businesses, and technological advancement.

Integrity, Innovation, Initiative

Along with the national VDP Platform,
We are for:
the Constitution of the United States
the Constitution of the State of Ohio

We are against:
Common Core State Standards in Ohio
Medicaid expansion in Ohio

Chairman: Samuel Garcia

Affiliate Members:
Jonathan B
Olivia C
Jessica E
Alyssa F
Dythanne G
Thyanne G
Skip G
Wesley S
Brittany P
Bridget P
Lydia W

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