Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Open Letter of Apology To Mr. Shawn Tedesco On Behalf Of All Homeschoolers

Dear Mr. Shawn Tedesco,

On behalf of all homeschoolers, we apologize for all the insults, attacks, demeaning comments, and other condemnable actions of overzealous homeschoolers. We are appalled at this attitude of those who call themselves Christians and engage in such activities.

We are the Valiant Defenders of Ohio, a state chapter of the homeschool national student society, the Valiant Defender’s Party. As students of homeschooling, and not parents, we count Teddy as one of our own. We are grieved at the loss of his life and the backlash that you have received. No child should be subject to such horrendous situation. I dread to think what would happen if I or a fellow friend would endure those atrocities.

By conviction, we cannot support SB 248 in its current, withdrawn form. However, as homeschool students, we are more than willing to work out a solution that will serve Teddy’s memory, prevent child abuse, close loopholes, and also protect educational freedoms in the process.

Samuel Garcia
Chairman, Valiant Defenders of Ohio

Hannah Musick,
Chairwoman, VDP Virginia

Stephen Farrell
Taylor McArthur
Brittany Collett
Evan Strite
Kit Carson

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