Friday, August 30, 2013

Responses From Local School Board Concerning The Common Core Standards

The question: "What is your opinion on Common Core and how it will affect education on Central Ohio?" was postulated to members of the Worthington Board of Education in Franklin County, Ohio. Response from the board President:
I have no idea how it will affect education in Central Ohio since I am unfamiliar with what other local school districts are doing.
Based upon the curriculum presented to the Board of Education this past Monday, I am quite confident that Worthington has developed a plan of implementation that will certainly be beneficial, Common Core or no, to the vast majority of our students. The new curriculum is available on the website you visited. Thanks for the inquiry,
Board President, David A. Bressman
Responses from other board members:
I think the common core curriculum will help raise student achievement in central Ohio. It is a rigorous curriculum that helps develop 21st century skills. The internationally bench marked curriculum will help promote college and career readiness for all students, along with critical thinking skills. With our society being so transient, I think this will help students who move from one district to another as they should all be on the same page as far as grade level curriculum. Jennifer Best
Philosophically, I oppose standards based education.  As you know, the Common Core State Standards were a state initiative led by Republican governors such as George and Jeb Bush to improve education.  I think that the common core state standards may marginally improve learning in some of the under resourced schools in central Ohio, but I fear that they may undercut high level learning in some of our best schools.  Hope that helps. Wilson Charles
We have not received responses from the other board members yet, but according to the Re-Elect Marc Schare website:
My primary academic focus has been through my work on the district’s “Race to the Top” committee. The committee has representatives from our teachers and administrators and has had three primary focus areas. 1) The use of data to guide instructional practice 2) A methodology to fairly and objectively evaluate teachers 3) Implementation of a curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards
We will soon launch an educational campaign against Common Core in Ohio. Stay tuned.

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  1. Very interested in your work to stop to stop Common Core in Ohio. I am currently coalitioning with many in Ohio, along with CHEO and HSLDA. Since we are a statewide PAC, we will be working to put all legislators on record and running candidates against those wishing to stay with CCS, in the primary next year.